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Nicholas Nigro interviewed by Mr. Media!

Nicholas Nigro, author of Seinfeld FAQ: Everything Left To Know About The Show About Nothing, recently visited with Bob Andelman (a.k.a Mr. Media) to talk about Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and everyone else who made up the world of Seinfeld.


00314952Seinfeld‘s impact on popular culture was so profound that it continues to this day – years after it left prime time – thanks to its inimitable characters (Newman, J. Peterman, Bubble Boy), its wacky, memorable plots (who can forget “The Contest” or “The Puffy Shirt”?), and the many catchphrases we use regularly (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Seinfeld FAQ is a comprehensive guide to the sitcom, tracing its path from modest beginnings to water-cooler-show status and to its infamous, love-it-or-hate-it finale. This humor-filled reference tells all about Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, as well as the Costanzas, Morty and Helen Seinfeld, the Soup Nazi, and the other unforgettable characters in their world.

Seinfeld FAQ features season-by-season episode reviews and a wealth of fun facts about everything from the characters’ inevitably doomed relationships to their food obsessions and fashion sense (or lack thereof) as well as profiles of actors and other notables. Nigro unveils his top-10 lists in categories such as Jerry, George, and Kramer’s girlfriends; Elaine’s boyfriends; movie references (fictional and real); and, of course, best episodes and most underrated episodes. He also looks at the actors’ lives and careers after Seinfeld, and assesses the sitcom landscape in the post-Seinfeld world.

Broad in scope and yet obsessed with detail (like the show itself), Seinfeld FAQ is essential reading for anyone who wants to be master of the Seinfeld domain.

The Not Necessarily Top Ten Underrated Seinfeld Episodes

Seinfeld FAQ is now available from Applause Theatre & Cinema Books! Within the text, Nicholas Nigro includes many lists, including the one below ranking underrated Seinfeld episodes. Do you agree with this list? Leave a comment below letting us know if you think the list is spot on or if there are some episodes that should be added/removed!

The Not Necessarily Top Ten Underrated Seinfeld Episodes

10. “The Doodle,” where George agonized over whether a woman’s sketch of him was a good or bad sign vis-à-vis a relationship.

9. “The Cheever Letters,” where Susan Ross’s father’s big secret—a longtime, passionate affair with writer John Cheever—was unmasked.

8. “The Pen,” which found Jerry and Elaine in Florida visiting the Seinfelds and learning entirely too much about Jack Klompus’s “astronaut pen.”

7. “The Pony Remark,” frequently considered the episode that first established the Seinfeld benchmark in humor.

6. “The Dinner Party,” where the gang’s determined mission was to procure a chocolate babka and a bottle of wine for a party they were all attending.

5. “The Parking Space,” which considered the urban conundrum of who has the right to street parking space, someone backing in—like George—or someone pulling in nose first.

4. “The Apology,” where George testily bristled over not having received—from his vantage point—a well-deserved “Step Nine” apology from a recovering alcoholic.

3. “The Junior Mint,” where a piece of Kramer’s candy fell into the open body cavity of Elaine’s former boyfriend during a major operation.

2. “The Pilot,” where Jerry and George’s sitcom pilot was at long last cast and shot.

1. “The Abstinence,” where George transformed into a genius, an Elaine a blithering idiot, while they were both abstaining from sex.


Nicholas Nigro on his Spirituality series








Nicholas Nigro, author of The Spirituality of Bono, The Spirituality of Carlos Santana, and The Spirituality of Richar Gere has kindly given us a short piece he has written on his new series:

* * * * * * * *

The Backbeat Spirituality Series


Inaugurating the Backbeat Spirituality Series are three celebrities from decidedly different backgrounds: Carlos Santana, Richard Gere, and Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono. With each man approaching matters worldly and otherworldly from his own unique perspective, it’s the ideal mix of personalities to kick off these compendiums of inspirational quotations.

“Spirituality to me is like water,” Carlos Santana opines. “Religions are like Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, wine, beer, or whatever. But spirituality is what’s going to save you in the battle.” Singer, guitarist extraordinaire, and unrepentant hippie, Carlos is wont to retreat to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood every now and then to reminisce about the high-minded social activism of the 1960s, which remains so dear to his heart.
“The universe is—simply that,” actor, activist, and devout Buddhist Richard Gere muses. “It’s our job to make it meaningful.” Always and every day, Richard endeavors to do just that as he tirelessly crusades for human rights and kibitzes with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, when time and circumstances allow.
“We’ve got to follow through on our ideals,” Bono preaches. “Or we betray something at the heart of who we are.” The singer, songwriter, and humanitarian is most definitely a power-of-example in this regard as he indefatigably travels the world on behalf of the poor and the suffering in faraway places. Bono is a steadfast voice for the voiceless, and a very vociferous one at that.
The individual titles in the Spirituality Series furnish readers with a thorough compilation of quotations—on a broad spectrum of life questions—from the mouths of their fascinating subjects: Carlos Santana, Richard Gere, and Bono. Gleaned from interviews, speeches, and myriad media appearances, their reflections and observations on so many things—from spirituality to humanitarianism to the artist’s life—are in these books. Their contemplative takes on the meaning of life—and making the most of it—are simultaneously interesting, insightful, and food for thought.
While Carlos Santana, Richard Gere, and Bono have distinct worldviews—from having ventured down varied life paths—they have an awful lot in common, too, including a penchant for speaking their minds come what may.

The Spirituality of Carlos Santana (9781480355453)
The Spirituality of Bono (9781480355460)
The Spirituality of Richard Gere (9781480355477)
April 8, 2014
4 1/2″ x 6″
104 pages


Nicholas Nigro_Au_PhotoNicholas Nigro is a freelance writer and the author of multiple books in a variety of fields. From spirituality to science and medicine, popular culture to pets and animals, his publishing credits span a wide gamut of topics and appeal to an eclectic swath of readers. He lives in New York City.