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Sick of Winter? So are we!

00333078smallerIt’s March, and those of us in northern climes are holding out the hold that soon we will be able to put away the heavy boots and heavy boots and enjoy some warmer temperatures.  (If you happen to be somewhere that is perpetually sunny and pleasant, we are more than a bit jealous.)

In an attempt to hasten summer’s arrival, may we suggest Surf Beat by Kent Crowley, the first comprehensive narrative history of one of modern music’s most controversial and misunderstood musical movements.

The late 1950s and early 1960s Southern California phenomenon of Surf Music wasn’t about surfing but was an electronic revolution and a key incubator in the careers and futures of some of popular music’s most important and enduring artists such as Brian Wilson, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and many others. As an electronic music revolution, Surf Music formed the foundation for all subsequent electric guitar idioms as the form in which the amplifier became the voice of the lead guitar and the lead guitar became the voice of Rock & Roll.

Surf Beat explores Surf music from its late 1950s origins as a “do-it-yourself”proto-punk movement erupting along Southern California’s coastlines through the early 1960s where its subsequent technological innovations blazed the trail for acid rock, folk rock, jazz fusion and heavy metal to its resurrection in the mid 1990s as a soundtrack to a new school of urban films noir. Surf Beat also examines how Hollywood exploitation and the music’s relationship to the evolving sports of surfing and skateboarding obscured the form’s musical contributions.

Kent talks about his book here.

West Hollywood Book Fair Photo

Discussing “Ravers, Roadies and other Rabble Rousers in Musicland” at the 10th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair are (from left to right) John Borack, Surf Beat: Rock ‘N Roll’s Forgotten Revolution author Kent Crowley, Simon Reynolds and moderator Nic Adler owner of the Roxy Theater and Producer of Sunset Strip Music Festival. (Photo copyright 2011, Chris Reay of Reay Design Studios)

Rocking at the West Hollywood Book Fair

West Hollywood Book Fair

Visit for full listing of events.

Kent Crowley, author of Surf Beat, will be participating in the panel titled Rockers, Ravers, Roadies and other Rabble Rousers in Musicland
12:15-1:15pm with book signing afterwards hosted by Rarebird Lit.

A fascinating look at the past, present and future of music/popular culture and how it continues to evolve and move forward (and backward!).

John Borack (John Lennon: Life is What Happens)
Kent Crowley (Surf Beat: Rock ‘N Roll’s Forgotten Revolution)
Simon Reynolds (Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past)
Moderated by Nic Adler (owner of the Roxy Theater and Producer of Sunset Strip Music Festival)

Surf Beat: Rock’n’Roll’s Forgotten Revolution (Backbeat Books) by Kent Crowley is the first book to tell the story of the birth of surf music, and its persistent survival and reinvention in the face of decades of dismissal as a mere cultural aberration.
Read free excerpt.

Available from Backbeat Books, Amazon, and B&N