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Charles Grodin, an interview

 Onstage and Backstage podcast from Hal Leonard is available on iTunes and Libsyn. Each episode authors and their guests have a chat about the topics of their books. Today, Actor Charles Grodin joins Ed Robertson in this episode of TV Confidential. As you may have seen on Jimmy Fallon, Charles Grodin has a new DVD out called The Perils of Show Business. His real-life advice for would-be actors, screenwriters, directors, and entertainment business professionals is invaluable, and not without Grodin’s typical wry, straightforward humorous style. This episode has been reposted on Onstage and Backstage podcast with permission of TV Confidential.


Charles Grodin has created a frank, no-nonsense, no-question-about-it, one-hour video that reveals his personal experience of working his way through the world of acting schools, agent representation, auditions, and the rest of the real-life world that makes up what’s called show business. Included is what to really expect from others who offer you acting lessons, writerly advice, and professional representation; and more important, what it all means for a person who wants to get into this line of work. One thing is for sure: Show business isn’t for the faint of heart. If you want to be successful, you not only have to really want it, you have to work endless hours, work extremely hard, and love it.