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4 Tweeters to Follow for Singers

This is an on-going column on our blog where we will recommend people on Twitter in different categories. If you have other suggestions in these categories, please leave your ideas in comments, and we will give our favorite suggestions a shout out on Twitter.

Terri Brinegar, author of Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R&B Singer @terribrinegar
Follow if: you’d like a unique perspective on R&B, blues, and jazz
Recent tweet: Vocal Tip of the Day: Girls!!! You just gotta get hip with reading music! At least get the basics down…

Chely Wright, author of Like Me @chelywright
Follow if: you’re a fan of Chely, country music, or equal rights
Recent tweet: I’m going to write a song today with Shane Stevens. Or, we’ll just talk a lot. I’m happy either way. : ) xo

Sheri Sanders, author of Rock the Audition @rocktheaudition
Follow if: you are a student of Sheri or would like to know about auditioning for rock musicals
Recent tweet: Look! its Producers from MTV shooting footage to pitch a show for me about Rock The Audition!

The Metropolitan Opera, author of James Levine @metopera
Follow if: you’re a fan of opera and The Met
Recent tweet: HD Summer Encores continue with Don Giovanni, tonight at 6:30pm! Check out your local movie theater for details:

6 Tweeters to Follow for Musicians

This is an on-going column on our blog where we will recommend people on Twitter in different categories. If you have other suggestions in these categories, please leave your ideas in comments, and we will give our favorite suggestions a shout out on Twitter.

Janet Horvath, author of Playing Less Hurt @playinglesshurt
Follow if: you are a musician, music teacher, or just want really interesting articles about music daily
Recent tweet:  Top 10 Classical Tracks for the Beach What’d you pick? Me: Brahms & Beethoven Trios, Heifetz, Feuermann, Rubenstein 🙂

Bernie Williams, co-author of Rhythms of the Game @bw51official
Follow if: you’re a fan of Bernie as a guitarist or as a baseball player
Recent tweet: Have you seen Bernie in concert yet? On July 14, Bernie and his all-star band will be performing…

Bob Thompson, co-author of Rhythms of the Game @thompsonmuse
Follow if: you’re interested in Bernie Williams’ educational events
Recent tweet: We’ve just launched our promotional video for our lecture/multimedia presentation “Rhythms of the Game”

Anne Roos, author of The Bride’s Guide to Musicians @anneroos
Follow if: you’re interested in harp music, are a musician, or are looking for musicians for your wedding
Recent tweet: How to Reach Brides Using Pinterest:

Fender Custom Shop, supporter of Dream Factory @FenderCustom
Follow if: you want daily insider photos from the Fender Custom Shop
Recent tweet:  Premium Guitars Ikebe in Osaka!

Tom Brooks, author of The Language of Music @TOMBROOKS6
Follow if: you want to be informed about worship music events in your area
Recent tweet:  Make plans to join us for a LIVE RECORDING and Night of Worship at Whitestone Church on June 30th!

6 Tweeters to Follow for Music Fans

This is an on-going column on our blog where we will recommend people on Twitter in different categories. If you have other suggestions in these categories, please leave your ideas in comments, and we will give our favorite suggestions a shout out on Twitter.

John Jacobson, author of Double Dreams @DanceWithJohn
Follow if: you’re a fan of Double Dream Hands or want uplifting tweets
Recent tweet: Just made it to London after a fun time at Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee! Trying to get UK dads dancing for Father’s Day! Why not?

Robert Rodriguez, author of Revolver @FabFourFAQ2
Follow if: you want daily rock history
Recent tweet: On this day in 1974, “Band On The Run” was issued as a single in the UK.

Rich Weidman, author of The Doors FAQ @doorstrivia
Follow if: you like The Doors
Recent tweet:  Doors Trivia blog: Quotes, Videos, History and more . . . 

Guitar World magazine, author of Dear Guitar Hero @GuitarWorld
Follow if: you like guitars or guitarists
Recent tweet: Video: Top Five Studio Guest Appearances by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Bruce Pollock, author of If You Like the Beatles… @cousinB
Follow if: you are interested in classic rock
Recent tweet: Remembering Donna Summer and the Days of Disco 

Mac Randall, author of Exit Music @msjrandall
Follow if: you like Radiohead
Recent tweet: Watching #Radiohead in Newark last night, struck once again by the way they’ve turned twitchy alienation ditties into big arena singalongs.

4 Pro Audio Tweeters to Follow

This is an on-going column on our blog where we will recommend people on Twitter in different categories. If you have other suggestions in these categories, please leave your ideas in comments, and we will give our favorite suggestions a shout out on Twitter.

Alan Parsons, author of The Art and Science of Sound Recording @ArtScienceSound
Follow if: you are a fan of Alan Parsons or want a glimpse into music and the industry
Recent tweet: I remember when dubstep was just called “LFO-Locked-Filter-On-Square-Wave-Bass-Synth” in the ’60s

Quincy Jones, author of Q on Producing @QuincyDJones
Follow if: you’re a fan of Q or want insight into the music business
Recent tweet:  Had a blast w/ @BrunoMars @EmilyBearMusic @DAChesterFrench & everybody at @Spotify last night launching my new app.

Steve Turnidge, author of Desktop Mastering @arsdivina
Follow if: you’re interested in pro audio or behind-the-scenes of being an author
Recent tweet:  is sequencing a Norrish Reaction CD with Winston Norrish and Geoff Ott…

DJ Shortee, author of Spin Now! @DJShortee
Follow if: you’re a fan of the “Queen of the Scratch World”
Recent tweet: Yay! Our latest Urban Assault [aka Faust & Shortee] single just dropped today on Beatport!! Hope you like!!

7 Theatre Tweeters to Follow

This is a new on-going column on this blog. Each week this summer, we’ll highlight people on Twitter in different categories that we like to follow. Some are authors. Some are organizations. Some just have great stuff to say. If you have suggestions on who people should follow on any given topic, please leave your ideas in the comments! We’ll give the best suggestions a shout out on Twitter.

Jason Robert Brown, librettist of 13 and The Last 5 Years @MrJasonRBrown
Follow if: you like musical theatre and someone who will actually respond to people
Recent tweet: Belgium, I’m told. RT @molllsss@MrJasonRBrown where can I get really good French fries?

Andrew Gerle, author of The Enraged Accompanist’s Guide to the Perfect Audition @andrewgerle
Follow if: you want behind-the-scenes anecdotes in the theatre business
Recent tweet: 6AM train tomorrow to DC to conduct Shirley Jones at the Kennedy Center, and my bow ties have gone missing. Anyone seen them?‪ #tuxfail

Jess Winfield, co-author of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged] @jesswinfield
Follow if: you like the Reduced Shakespeare Company
Recent tweet: Congrats @reduced on “slam dunk!” Complete World of Sports (abridged), Nottingham Playhouse

American Theatre Wing, organization behind the Tony Awards @TheWing
Follow if: you want theatre industry tidbits and interviews
Recent tweet: ARCHIVE FIND: Check out this Tonys memorabilia signed by Richard Rodgers (HAPPY BDAY!!!!) and other legends

Ben Hodges, editor of Theatre World @BAHodges
Follow if: you like the Theatre World or Screen World series
Recent tweet: Congratulations Barry and the 62nd annual volume of “Screen World”!

Stage Notes, of @stagenotes_NYC (under construction)
Follow if: you are a musical theatre teacher or student
Recent tweet: Spots are filling up quick to take the No Snap Judgments Pledge! Visit to learn more and to register your group!

Howard Sherman @HESherman
Follow if: you want to stay up-to-date on your theatre news
Recent tweet: “15 American Plays It’d Be Great to See Revived.” Feingold in @villagevoice  (sadly, only 1 female author)

Measuring Your Social Media Exposure with Music 3.0’s Bobby Owsinski

How well do your online followers really know your brand or product?   Music 3.0: A Survival Guide For Making Music In The Internet Age author Bobby Owsinski explains how to truly gauge your web presence in this excerpt from Chapter 8:


How many people have you reached with your message? How many could you have reached? In social media, there are some measurements about as reliable as a print magazine’s circulation, but knowing your potential audience does have value because it represents your potential sales lead pool.

Unfortunately, as of the writing of this book, some of these metrics have to be accounted for manually, so you’ll have to balance the level of effort to track the metrics versus the value you’ll receive from them to determine their importance to your overall strategy.
A good example of where there can be unreliability in social measurement is when isolating unique users for each of your metrics. You want to avoid counting the same person twice in the list below, but realistically it’s difficult to do.

These measurements highlight the number of people you’ve attracted to your brand through social media. To mitigate the potential for duplication of users, track growth rate as a percentage of the aggregate totals. This is where you will find the real diamonds.

  • Twitter: Look at your number of followers and the number of followers for those who retweeted your message to determine the monthly potential reach. You should track these separately and then compare the month-over-month growth rate of each of these metrics so you can determine where you’re seeing the most growth. A great free tool to use for Twitter measurement is TweetReach.
  • Facebook: Track the total number of fans for your brand page. In addition, review the number of friends from those who became fans during a specified period of time or during a promotion and those who commented on or liked your posts to identify the potential monthly Facebook reach. Facebook Insights provides value here.
  • YouTube: Measure the number of views for videos tied to a promotion or specific period of time, such as monthly, and the total number of subscribers.

Music 3.0
A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age, 2nd Edition

Music 3.0: A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age is a completely updated edition of the original best seller, featuring the latest music business and social media concepts as well as brand-new interviews with a variety of the industry’s top movers and shakers.
The book not only takes a look at the music industry’s evolution and how we got to Music 3.0, but provides the information that today’s musician or music business executive needs to take advantage of the new music industry paradigm:

What has changed? Who are the new players? Why are traditional record labels, television, and radio no longer factors in an artist’s success? How do you market and distribute your music in this new world? How do you make money in this new music world? How do you develop your brand? How do you use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as marketing tools? What are the new technologies that are being introduced that will influence how we sell or market? All these questions are answered in the book. This edition also contains new low-cost high- and low-tech tips for marketing and promotion. Available for purchase here.

For more Hal Leonard Books by Bobby Owsinski, visit his page at  
Find Bobby Owsinski on the web:
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