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Q&A with Anne Roos

Anne Roos is the author of The Musician’s Guide to Brides and The Bride’s Guide to Musicians (Hal Leonard Books).

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.What sort of equipment/gear/accessories do you make sure to always take with you to a job?

I take a LOT of gear to a job, and actually, you’ll want to read my chapter on this in my book and my past articles in the Folk Harp Journal for the details. But in a nutshell, I like to have a spare for everything and anything that can break down. I call this “Noah’s Ark Rule”-two of everything. I have had many equipment failures over the years, and no one can bail you out if you have a faulty cord, a battery-operated amp that runs out of juice, or a misplaced tuning wrench.

My suggestions for the most important items to take to any performance:

1. A copy of your contract and your correspondence with the client. If you have any questions about the location, set-up, music list, cues, etc., bring everything that has been agreed upon. If the Client conveniently forgets how much they owe you, you can remind them by showing them your written agreement.

2. Hand sanitizer. At some point in your performance life, your clients will sneeze or cough right into their hands and then reach out to shake your hand. Or they will want to shake your hand after eating fried egg rolls and barbecue chicken wings. Yuck. Or, there may not be a bathroom in sight and you need a quick clean up before your performance. Keep individually-wrapped towelettes or these little plastic bottles of hand sanitizer with you and in your car.

3. A cell phone. Your GPS took you to the wrong side of town, or you are driving around in circles looking for the house number of the backyard wedding. Or, heaven forbid, your right front tire blew out on the way to the wedding. How will you contact your clients for assistance? This may seem pretty obvious, but I’ve performed at many weddings where one of the vendors forgot their phone somewhere and were in a pickle.

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