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Language of Music with Tom Brooks

The following art excerpts from the DVD that comes with Worship Musician! Presents The Language of Music by Tom Brooks. Check out more of his video lessons here.



Key Signatures


How to Read a Chord Chart



In The Language of Music, Tom Brooks demystifies and explains the basic building blocks of music in a simple, clear, straightforward way – essential knowledge that every worship musician needs to perfect his craft. The book offers a practical, real-world approach to all the fundamental concepts; music theory and harmony, chord construction, scales, key signatures, chord relationships, transposition, modulation, chart reading, and basic arranging, along with tips on how to practice more efficiently and rehearse more effectively, and much more. The focus is on contemporary praise and worship; music that is inspiring the church in the 21st century. The book comes with a DVD-ROM that features videos of the author guiding you step by step through each chapter of the book.


Turn Criticism into a Positive Experience

Guest Blogger: Terri Brinegar, author of Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R&B Singer (Hal Leonard Books). Read this and more posts on her blog.

This business of music is a tough one – you’ve just got to have thick skin if you want to succeed. And you’ve got to know everything about everything – why limit yourself?

Yesterday was weird in that another voice teacher, someone who I had never heard of or met, and who had not read my book or listened to my CDs, posted some critical remarks about the fact that I was offering CDs with my book as a teaching tool. I do believe that there is a positive in every “negative.” Sometimes it takes a while to make itself known, sometimes it happens immediately, especially is you are looking for it. I realized that this person’s negative critique was a positive for me, because it gave me the opportunity to really express my philosophy regarding teaching, and to take pride in what I do, and to stand firm in my beliefs in what I know works. And now I am grateful for his negativity, because I’ve made it a positive!

So this is my opinion on instructional books and CDs:
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In Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R&B Singer Brinegar shares with her extensive stage experience, her success as a bandleader to some of the greatest musicians in the world, her skills as a musician and songwriter, her training in classical voice, and her years as a vocal coach. Brinegar believes a strong foundation of vocal technique is necessity to success in any style of singing. She is probably one of the few teachers with both a classical background and years of stage experience singing blues and R&B. While there are many books on technique, few, if any, have been written with Brinegar’s broad and comprehensive take on the contemporary music industry.