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Biggest Mistakes Filmmakers Make

This is an excerpt of The Complete Guide to Writing, Producing, and Directing a Low-Budget Short Film by Gini Graham Scott (Limelight Editions)

The Biggest Mistakes Filmmakers Make

Some of the biggest mistakes filmmakers make have already been alluded to in previous chapters. Here I want to highlight the ones I have noticed the most.

1. Writing too much detail in the action or narrative section, or discussing what the characters are thinking or feeling. Don’t treat the script like a novel. Only describe what will go on the screen and keep these descriptions short—just enough to set the scene, since the director will set up the script based on the chosen location and the available décor and props. Only include the mini- mal descriptions of a character’s feelings to indicate how an actor might show those emotions on screen; don’t go into detail about the character’s internal processes.

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