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Tips for Reason Users

Andrew Eisele is the author of Power Tools for Reason 6 and two books in Hal Leonard’s Quick Pro Guide series, The Power in Reason and Sound Design and Mixing in Reason. Below are some excerpts from DVDs that come with his books, great tools for users of the DAWS program, Reason. Visit our MusicPro Guides YouTube channel for more useful videos like these.


More tips from Andrew Eisele
Reason Overview



Sequencing Drums


Mixing Tips

Visit our Power in Reason playlist and our Pro Tools for Reason 6 playlist for tips on effects, mastering, automation, creating motion, quantizing MIDI, adding warm distortion, and more!

4 Pro Audio Tweeters to Follow

This is an on-going column on our blog where we will recommend people on Twitter in different categories. If you have other suggestions in these categories, please leave your ideas in comments, and we will give our favorite suggestions a shout out on Twitter.

Alan Parsons, author of The Art and Science of Sound Recording @ArtScienceSound
Follow if: you are a fan of Alan Parsons or want a glimpse into music and the industry
Recent tweet: I remember when dubstep was just called “LFO-Locked-Filter-On-Square-Wave-Bass-Synth” in the ’60s

Quincy Jones, author of Q on Producing @QuincyDJones
Follow if: you’re a fan of Q or want insight into the music business
Recent tweet:  Had a blast w/ @BrunoMars @EmilyBearMusic @DAChesterFrench & everybody at @Spotify last night launching my new app.

Steve Turnidge, author of Desktop Mastering @arsdivina
Follow if: you’re interested in pro audio or behind-the-scenes of being an author
Recent tweet:  is sequencing a Norrish Reaction CD with Winston Norrish and Geoff Ott…

DJ Shortee, author of Spin Now! @DJShortee
Follow if: you’re a fan of the “Queen of the Scratch World”
Recent tweet: Yay! Our latest Urban Assault [aka Faust & Shortee] single just dropped today on Beatport!! Hope you like!!