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James Campion Talks KISS With Iron City Rocks

James Campion, author of Shout It Out Loud: The Story of KISS’s Destroyer and the Making of an American Iconrecently sat down with Iron City Rocks to discuss the book. Shout It Out Loud is a serious examination of the circumstance and serendipity that fused the creation of the band’s seminal work, Destroyer – including the band’s arduous ascent to the unexpected smash hit, Alive!; the ensuing lawsuits between the band’s management and label, plus more. Take a listen to the podcast below.


00141630The rock band KISS has galvanized the entertainment world with an unparalleled blitz of bravado, theatrically, and shameless merchandizing, garnering generations of loyalty rabid fans for more than 40 years. But if not of a few crucial months in late 1975 and early 1976, KISS may have ended up nothing more than a foot note. What changed it all? Their album Destroyer. 

Author James Campion discussed this album in particular in the interview  saying that KISS, who had never been involved in controversy in their career before, were now in the forefront with the release of Destroyer. It was an album that you either loved or hated.

Destroyer is the indisputable KISS mission statement   – the realization of a dream that  stridently reflects the extraordinary time from which it was fashioned. Destroyer is 70s rock: loud, yes and decadent, you bet, but mostly it is pompous, weird, and fantastical… It is a cartoon fantasy’s parody of excess. Its message is fun and doom all rolled up in a thunderous package of melodramatic farce.

James Campion

Shout it out Loud is the story of how an underground rock and roll oddity became a cultural phenomena.