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Getting Your First Feature Sold

The following is an excerpt from the whitepaper GETTING YOUR FIRST FEATURE SOLD by Gini Graham Scott (author of Finding Funds for Your Film or TV Project), which you can download for free here.

Doing Scene Breakdowns

Create your shooting script

Order and number scenes and shots

  • Break your scenes into shots
  • Estimate the time for each scene

Use screen breakdown software

Use columns in word processing or Excel

Use a linear approach

Finding Locations

Determining the number of locations

Deciding what locations to use

  • Permissions and precautions
  • Scouting for locations
  • Taking photos of proposed locations
  • Getting pick up shots
  • Considering what to change
  • Considering liability and damage issues

Casting Your Film

Where to find actors

  • Using a casting service (ie: SF Casting)
  • Advertising for actors (ie: Craigslist)
  • Contacting film organizations

Payment arrangements

  • Full pay
  • Deferred pay
  • Providing backend points to lead actors

All this and more covered in GETTING YOUR FIRST FEATURE SOLD by Gini Graham Scott free whitepaper available at

Finding Funds for Your Film or TV Project includes a complete overview of the many different ways to get funds for your film – from preparing the materials you need, such as business plans, private placement memorandums, trailers, sizzle reels, and crowd-funding pitches – to how to make effective presentations to prospective funders, from as family members, friends, and business associates, to angels, private investors, established producers, and film financiers. Scott provides a comprehensive introduction to the many options for fund-raising, and includes information on how to prepare the materials necessary, from business plans and Private Place Memorandums to video and PowerPoint presentations to using crowd-funding techniques.