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George Kennedy, an interview

Onstage and Backstage podcast from Hal Leonard is available on iTunes and Libsyn. Each episode authors and their guests have a chat about the topics of their books. Today, George Kennedy talks about his memoir, Trust Me, on the Off the Meter radio program, hosted by Jimmy Failla.

Here, they talk about Kennedy’s childhood, his movies, and what he thinks of fellow movie stars. This interview has been re-edited and is being reposted on Onstage and Backstage podcast with permission of Off the Meter.


Trust Me: a memoir by George Kennedy (Applause Books)

“I write like I talk. A long time ago I tried making ‘talking and telling the truth’ one and the same. That isn’t just difficult; it means painfully reviewing things you’ve been led to believe since you were a child. That’s very hard to do. Like many, I have marched along adhering to conventions (sex, color, church, party, gang) without examination. There’s a wonderful, protective ‘togetherness’ in that anonymity. You obey or are damned, less joined together than stuck together. You become an echo rather than a voice. This book is about what happens when you stop fearing and think.” –George Kennedy

Author Interviews Off the Meter

This week, we are highlighting some bloggers and podcasters who frequently review our books and interview our authors. Do check out these blogs and podcasts for all the great content they have to offer.

Off the Meter radio program
Off The Meter with Jimmy Failla  functions exactly like a taxi ride. Each day, world events  tell the show where to go and host Jimmy Failla finds a way to get there. It’s rarely pretty, but it’s extremely entertaining, oddly informative, and in true taxi fashion, there’s no way of telling who will get in next. Guests on the show range from  career criminals to Academy Award winning actors and the shows topic lineup is equally diverse. Each episode is a chance to reconnect with the halcyon days where people got their news from riding in taxis, without paying the fare, of course. Listen to Off the Meter on iTunes.

Hal Leonard Highlights
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