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Funny: The Keatons

David Misch is the author of Funny: The Book.


— One of the most amazing, dangerous, and copied stunts in comedy history: 3 inches clearance on each side.  The camera operator was sure Keaton would be killed and left the set; Keaton turned on the camera himself.

— Jackie Chan does it with paper.

— “Weird Al” Yankovic does it Amish-style.

— Johnny Knoxville does it off-key.

— “The Simpsons” do it together.

Funny: The Book

Funny: The Book is an entertaining look at the art of comedy, from its historical roots to the latest scientific findings, with diversions into the worlds of movies (Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers), television (The Office), prose (Woody Allen, Robert Benchley), theater (The Front Page), jokes and stand-up comedy (Richard Pryor, Steve Martin), as well as personal reminiscences from the author’s experiences on such TV programs as Mork and Mindy.