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Worship Bands, an interview

Onstage and Backstage podcast from Hal Leonard is available on iTunes and Libsyn. Each episode authors and their guests have a chat about the topics of their books. Today, Sandy Hoffman, author of Worship Musician! Presents Tips for Tight Teams, chats with Bruce Adolph, publisher of Worship Musician! magazine.

Worship musicians, gather ’round. Join Sandy Hoffman, author of Worship Musician! Presents Tips for Tight Teams, as he discusses his inspiration (including the Beatles), gives solid advice to worship musicians on partnering with God in creativity, and makes up some new words along the way. He is joined here by Bruce Adolph, publisher of Worship Musician! magazine.


Tips for Tight Teams instructs and equips today’s worship musician to function on the musical, relational, and technical levels expected of 21st-century worship team leaders and members. Rooted in Sandy Hoffman’s “Ten Top Tips for Tight Teams” curriculum, the book covers a myriad of timeless and relevant worship topics. The goal of Tips for Tight Teams is to elevate skill levels to the point where the worship team is no longer a distraction to the very people it endeavors to lead into worship.