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Shelly Peiken Talks Politics

Shelly Peiken, author of Confessions of a Serial Songwriter, has weighed in on tomorrow’s presidential election on her blog. She titles it ‘Eeny, Meeny, Miny-Moe.’ Check out the excerpt below:


I don’t post about politics. I’d much rather stick to musical musings. But I keep writing about thissong and that session while chaotic un-presidented (not a typo) pre-election activities are in my face 24/7. I feel like I’m ignoring the elephant (and the donkey) in the room. So here goes…

I’ve always been a registered Independent. I pride myself on straddling the middle…reserving my options. (I also drive a convertible but rarely put the top down—shame on me—but when I do, I love it and I’m happy to have the choice.)

There’s a lot of unrest in this country. Voices haven’t been heard—voices that fear they still won’t be heard if we stay within the boundaries of established politicians, even if they are “qualified.” Nobody wants a dynasty.

Then again, to have someone who isn’t the most suitable change agent promise change, is also cause for dismay.

There’s no turning back now, however. We all knew about her privacy and his audacity when we voted in the primaries. We made our beds and here we are. I’ve unfollowed friends on Facebook to shield myself from the vitriol and sarcasm. I hope we learn from the toxicity and perhaps there’ll be a silver lining to all this madness in the future.


Read the full blog post here.


Confessions of a Serial Songwriter is an amusing and poignant memoir about songwriter Shelly Peiken’s journey from young girl falling under the spell of magical songs to working professional songwriter writing hits of her own. It’s about growing up, the creative process – the highs and the lows, the conflicts that arise between motherhood and career success, the divas and schemers, but also the talented and remarkable people she’s found along the way. It’s filled with stories and step-by-step advice about the songwriting process, especially collaboration. And it’s about the challenge of staying relevant in a rapidly changing and youth-driven world


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Amadeus: Music on Film
by Ray Morton
Having never seen the play or film, this book encouraged me to recently add “Amadeus” to my Netflix queue and move it into the number one position.

Cabaret: Music on Film by Stephen Tropiano
I recommend “Cabaret: Music on Film” by Stephen Tropiano to fans of the original film and to those who may be interested in learning about this pop culture phenomenon that continues to spark interest decades later.

I Know Where I’m Going by Charlotte Chandler
“I Know Where I’m Going is an exceptional read that expertly details the personal and professional life of one of the greatest film actors in history (Katharine Hepburn).

Surf Beat by Kent Crowley
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Black Sabbath FAQ by Martin Popoff
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Lucille Ball FAQ by James Sheridan and Barry Monush
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It’s Only a Movie by Charlotte Chandler
Author Charlotte Chandler has a way of crafting interesting and insightful biographies.

The Beach Boys FAQ by Jon Stebbins
I learned more than I ever thought I would while reading “The Beach Boys FAQ.”

The Vampire Film by James Ursini and Alain Silver
Fans of the genre will almost certainly enjoy the fourth edition of the updated and revised “The Vampire Film.” The research, commentary, and analysis by Alain Silver and James Ursini is informative, thought provoking, and accessible.

Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas by Alonso Duralde
Do not forget to set aside time to watch your favorite holiday themed films. Making a list of those films is easy with “Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas,” which is the ultimate holiday film resource.

Screen World 62 edited by Barry Monush
It may not be possible to put it down until you have read all 400 plus pages.

Three Stooges FAQ by David J. Hogan
A must read for fans of the comic geniuses…A fitting tribute, indeed.

George Clooney by Kimberly Potts
“George Clooney: The Last Great Movie Star (Revised and Updated)” will likely appeal to fans of the talented actor, director, and humanitarian.

Groucho Marx and Other Short Stories and Tall Tales edited by Robert S. Bader
Readers will find themselves laughing out loud on occasion, as Groucho’s deadpan humor comes to life.

Son of Harpo Speaks! by Bill Marx
I gained a new appreciation for Harpo Marx while reading “Son of Harpo Speaks!”…Fate does play a role in our lives and Bill Marx is loving proof of that.