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Carl Gottlieb and Toni Attell, an interview

 Onstage and Backstage podcast from Hal Leonard is available on iTunes and Libsyn. Each episode authors and their guests have a chat about the topics of their books. Today, both authors of The Little Blue Book for Filmmakers, Toni Attell and Carl Gottlieb, chat with Off the Meter host Jimmy Failla about their book, acting classes, and filmmaking. This episode has been re-edited and posted on Onstage and Backstage podcast with permission of Off the Meter.


The Little Blue Book for Filmmakers discusses issues faced by all beginning filmmakers, with a historical perspective that explains problems and solutions that reach back to the invention of movies at the turn of the last century, and stretch forward to include new digital technology and the popularization of videography as global self-expression. A valuable addition to the shelves of all film school instructors who’ve not had years of practical experience working in the trade, it’s also a syllabus in itself and can be the foundation for a course schedule. More important, it’s something every film student will want to own as a reference and guide.