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What This Country Needs

The following is an essay by Groucho Marx, as it appears in Groucho Marx and Other Short Stories and Tall Tales, edited by Robert S. Bader (Applause Books).

I want to say at the outset that I am not a candidate for anything. The Marx for-Vice-President boom never had my support, nor did it ever get very far. It was launched by an obscure Californian who was politically inexperienced and, incidentally, very drunk.

The whole thing was nothing if not spontaneous. I was at an obnoxious little dinner party the other evening, talking about world affairs, when this fellow said suddenly, “Let’s run Groucho Marx for Vice-President.”

Naturally I was touched, but only for five dollars, and that came later. At the moment, I asked why I should be singled out for this honor; why should my friends want me to be Vice-President?

“Because,” snarled my sponsor, “the Vice-President generally keeps his mouth shut. It might be an interesting experience for you.”

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Groucho Marx and Other Short Stories and Tall Tales

Groucho Marx was a comic genius who starred on stage and in film, radio, and television. But he was also a gifted writer – the author of a play, two screenplays, seven books, and over 100 articles and essays. This newly expanded collection presents the best of Groucho’s short comic pieces, written over a period of more than fifty years between 1919 and 1973 for theNew York Times, the New Yorker, the Saturday Evening PostVariety, the Hollywood Reporter, and other newspapers and magazines.

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