Dracula FAQ with Pop Culture Tonight

Just in time for Halloween, Dracula FAQ and Pop Culture Tonight unite!

Dracula FAQ author, Bruce Scivally, sat down with Patrick Phillips of Pop Culture Tonight for the Halloween segment, ‘Monsters of Pop Culture,’ to discuss the little known facts and history of Count Dracula. Pop Culture Tonight is a half-hour, internationally syndicated talk radio show with a focus on All Things Entertainment; without the scandal or sensationalism!

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What exactly is a vampire? Are they real? Is it all a myth? Author Bruce Scivally explored this topic among others in his discussion on Pop Culture Tonight. He went on to explain that every culture has a different belief in vampires. The more modern take stems from Eastern-European, but the common notion is that they either suck the blood or life from someone.

00127075fcAs for the evolution of Dracula Bruce discussed not only the creation of the character, but its infamous portrayals including Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee. Lee in particular was the first to portray the mainstream vampire with the notorious fangs. The character has changed hands, depending on the interpretation, to portray not just a sexier character, but the evil that the mainstream knows so well.

For all the Twilight and True Blood fans, Bruce shared that there’s actually a metaphor that lies behind the characters. As for the common myths when it comes to vampires? In most books to kill them you’d have to drive a stake or a silver dagger through its heart while in movies they’re killed with direct exposure to sunlight.

Dracula FAQ unearths little-known facts about both the historical and literary Dracula. The 15th-century warlord Vlad III, known as Vlad the Impaler and Dracula (son of the Dragon), became a legendary figure in his native Wallachia. Four hundred years later, Irish author Bram Stoker appropriated Dracula’s name for a vampire novel he spent seven years researching and writing.

It’s a book you can really sink your teeth into.

-Bruce Scivally

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