5 Reasons To Love Pearl Jam

Authors of the book Pearl Jam FAQ, Thomas Edward Harkins and Bernard Corbett, spoke to the Lynn Saxberg of the Ottawa Citizen and gave 5 reasons why people still love Pearl Jam. Read below to see what they had to say!

001395071 Never the same show twice

Pearl Jam is renowned for marathon concerts that can last for almost three hours. Plus, the setlist is different every night, and you never know when they’re going to dig into an entire album, pull out a sweet cover by Neil Young or the Who, or welcome a surprise guest. Over the past couple of weeks, bombshells have included a song-by-song reading of Ten, a cover of the Doobie Brothers’ Takin It To The Streets and appearances by Sting and Cheap Trick. Without a new album to promote (the last outing was 2013’s Lightning Bolt), anything can happen.

2 It’s good to be a fan

The band members have always been grateful for their loyal fans, especially the diehards who travel to more than one show on each tour. Thanks to a lottery system, most of the best seats in each venue are made available to the fan club, a system that not only cuts out the scalpers, but also ensures that true fans are in the front rows, and keeps the ticket prices at a reasonable level. The fans are also often first to hear new music.

3 The Eddie factor

Few bands rock as hard and with as much soul as Pearl Jam. Guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard, along with the rhythm section of Jeff Ament and Matt Cameron construct a musical base like no other, but it’s frontman Eddie Vedder who gives the band its edge with his distinctive, spine-tingling howl, often cathartic lyrics and unpredictable stage antics. At 51, he’s a lot more comfortable in the spotlight than he used to be, and the passion is evident in his performance, noted Corbett, who’s already seen a handful of shows on the current tour, bringing his lifetime total up to around 80 Pearl Jam concerts.

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