10 Effective Ways to Deal With Your Band’s Haters

Bobby Borg, author of Music Marketing for the DIY Musiciandescribes how to effectively deal with your band’s haters in his latest article from SonicBids!

10 Effective Ways to Deal With Your Band’s Haters

The internet has given rise to a whole new type of hater – one that hides behind phony usernames, blank profile images, and unwarranted jabs and comments. While most haters are fairly harmless, some of them can be seriously damaging to your band if they’re not handled correctly. Here are 10 damage control tips to quell that next unexpected hater on YouTube, Facebook, or your band’s website.

1. Ignore them

Pretend that Mr. or Ms. Hater simply doesn’t exist. Your real followers will likely give this joker a piece of their minds anyway and set the situation straight for you.

2. Be empathetic

Let your haters know that you understand not everyone is going to be your biggest fan, and that you appreciate him or her taking the time to leave a comment. Your attention to the matter and your kindness may be enough to defuse Mr. or Ms. Hater for good.

3. Offer to help

Let those haters know that if they want to get into the same line of business as you, and they feel that they have what it takes, you’d be open to hearing what they can do and offering some helpful advice. Remember that haters are usually just envious people who are in pain about their own shortcomings in their careers.

4. Take advantage

Without restating what Mr. or Ms. Hater said/wrote/posted, you might use the attention generated by the comment to respond with the exact opposite of what was said. You can remind people of all the great things you offer and all the great things you do for your fans.

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