Improving your music marketing campaigns

Bobby Borg, author of Music Marketing for the DIY Musiciandetails how to improve your music marketing campaigns in his latest article from Echoes!

Improve your music marketing campaigns

There is a focused way and an unfocused way to execute music marketing campaigns. These 10 tips will help keep you focused and improve your music marketing.

Direct marketing is the process of bypassing intermediaries to communicate directly with fans, build awareness, and generate sales. Emailing tour dates, texting announcements about contests, and posting website links to your fund raisers are all direct marketing methods. Even phoning reminders about your show and mailing postcards about your record release are methods of direct marketing. But there’s so much more to direct marketing than just hitting “send.” Without careful planning, you may get zero results. To increase your return on your future music marketing campaigns, read these ten tips.

1. Test your offer

Before putting a direct marketing campaign into full swing and sending out 5,000 messages (emails, postcards, text messages), conduct research and get feedback on a small sample group. For instance, you might create three different headlines and test a different one on each of three similar groups of people (30 or more per group if possible). The headline that produces the highest response rate in the shortest amount of time should be the one you send to your larger list.

2. Use multiple direct marketing methods with optimum timing

Don’t just rely on one method of promotion, try to use two or three. This is known as multi-channel marketing. For instance, you might send out an email to your list two weeks before a show, send out postcards one week before the show, and call key fans two nights before the show. Since the recipients are hearing about your gig through a number of different sources, one after the other, you can optimize your results.

3. Provide several ways to respond

Include a number, address, email, URL, and “text to” number to provide a number of different ways by which your target customers can respond. People communicate differently. Providing various response mechanisms increases your chances for success.

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