5 Marketing Methods That All Musicians Who Want to Succeed Should Be Using

Bobby Borg, author of Music Marketing for the DIY Musiciandetails several helpful marketing methods for musicians in his latest article from SonicBids!


Execution is the art of getting things done. It involves adopting the right policies to help you close the gap between what you want to achieve and what you deliver. But many musicians fail to execute, and as a result, they never get to that next level of their careers. They create master plans to rule the world, but they fall short of seeing these plans through effectively. What a waste of time! As Ralph S. Larsen, CEO of Johnson & Johnson, said, “The best thought-out plans in the world are worthless if you can’t pull them off.” Here are five music marketing execution tips that can help get the results that you want.

1. Utilize reminder marketing techniques and multiple mediums

Many artists send out one marketing communication before their show (e.g., an email two or three weeks before), and expect their fans to remember to show up. The result: they experience poorly attended shows, which means unhappy promoters and missed opportunities. Look, you’ll get nowhere by believing that you’re at the top of your fans’ minds 24/7. To be successful, you must send out several notices spaced out evenly over two to three weeks before your gigs or releases, and use a variety of mediums (postcards, phone calls, face-to-face selling techniques, etc.) to get the job done right!

2. Be persistent (and nice) when you follow up

It takes a lot more than just one email to that blogger to review your music, or to that talent buyer to get a gig. Sometimes it even takes calling back at a specific date and time as requested by a certain contact. Tenacity and patience, in this regard, are extremely important! After sending off your initial correspondence (e-mail, tweet, or whatever), follow up in a week if the intended receiver hasn’t replied. Repeat this technique or attempt to use another means of communication (phone, letter, etc.) if necessary. Keep notes of your attempts in an Excel spreadsheet. And remember to always be nice in your correspondences. The world owes you nothing.

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