Johnny Cash FAQ

Johnny Cash FAQ

All That’s Left to Know About the Man in Black

by C. Eric Banister


More than a decade after his death, Johnny Cash remains one of the most recognizable artists in the world. Starting in 1956, he released an album every year until his death in 2003, and there have been posthumous releases in the years since. From rockabilly to country, folk to comedy, gospel to classical, the prolific Cash touched nearly every musical genre. His hit singles crossed over from country to pop, as he transcended labels and became a superstar around the globe.

In Johnny Cash FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Man in Black (September 2014, Backbeat Books, $24.99), C. Eric Banister explores the remarkable length and breadth of Cash’s career. Cash skyrocketed from the beginning, flying through the ’60s until he was one of the country’s biggest stars by the end of the decade. Following his own muse through the ’70s, Cash slowly faded commercially until he nearly disappeared in the ’80s. Instead of giving up, he made an incredible late-career run in the ’90s that took him into the new millennium, along the way collaborating with various contemporary rock and pop artists.

His offstage problems often overshadowed the music, and his addiction often takes center stage in the story, pushing the music off the page. But Johnny Cash FAQ celebrates the musical genius of Cash and takes a look at every album Cash released, the stories behind the hits, the key relationships and collaborations in his life (including his partnership with June Carter Cash), and how he sustained his remarkable, nearly 50-year career.

September 9, 2014
Paperback Original    6″ x 9″
408 pages

Black & White Images Throughout

Backbeat Books, an imprint of Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group


Eric Banister is a freelance music journalist who has been a fan of Johnny Cash for as long as he can remember. He runs the website, Music Tomes, where he interviews other music journalists and reviews books about music and musicians. He lives in Scottsburg, Ind.




Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group, the trade book division of Hal Leonard Corporations, publishes books on the performing arts under the imprints Hal Leonard Books, Backbeat Books, Amadeus Press, and Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.

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