Excess All Areas

Excess All Areas

A Lighthearted Look at the Demands

and Idiosyncrasies of Rock Icons on Tour

by Sue Richmond | Illustrations by Wilf Hanson


Seven dwarves, pizzas to give to the homeless, a copy of the New York Times and pre-chopped broccoli florets, to make them easier to throw away! – Iggy Pop’s rider

A rider is a shopping list of items, usually food and drink, requested by the band, which forms part of its contract with the concert venue. Many requests fall under the general category of “reasonable,” but others are a bit extreme. Van Halen’s demand that all of the brown M&M’s be removed from the sweet bowl in their dressing room comes quickly to mind. But, as it turns out, “extreme” is pretty commonplace!

Excess All Areas: A Lighthearted Look at the Demands and Idiosyncrasies of Rock Icons on Tour by Sue Richmond (Oct. 28, Backbeat Books, $27.99) takes readers on a rollercoaster, backstage ride into the surreal and unpredictable world of the band contract rider. 
Richmond delves into the dressing rooms of our favorite musical acts, from Black Sabbath to Usher, and has a good old rummage around, discovering a penchant for expensive champagne, enough towels to dry an army, the odd boa constrictor, inflatable sumo outfits, ice without square edges, water from the top of Mount Olympus, white tube socks (12 pairs, to be exact), and soda water – just for spilling on the floor.

This colorful volume includes colorful illustrations that are equally as entertaining as the outlandish 100 featured riders for David Bowie, James Brown, Van Morrison, Def Leppard, AC/DC, and many, many more. Excess All Areas will leave you amazed, stomping your feet, and shouting for more.

October 28, 2014
9″ x 9″
128 pages
Color illustrations throughout
Backbeat Books, an imprint of Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group



Sue Richmond began her career in the music industry in the 1980s, starting out at A&M Records before moving to EMI and Parlophone. She ran her own record label in the late 1990s and now works in the food public relations and awards field. She lives in St. Albans, England.



Wilf Hanson, born in Wiltshire, England, began to develop his unique illustration style at an early age, and he later went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in illustration and animation at the University of London. Having worked for a global digital design agency in London, he has recently returned to his native West Country where he now runs his own design business while continuing his freelance illustration work.




Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group, the trade book division of Hal Leonard Corporations, publishes books on the performing arts under the imprints Hal Leonard Books, Backbeat Books, Amadeus Press, and Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.

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