Teach Yourself Accents: North America

Teach Yourself Accents — North America

A Handbook for Young Actors and Speakers

by Robert Blumenfeld

Available September 2013

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The goal of an actor who uses a foreign accent for a role is to internalize and assimilate that accent so that it becomes natural, a habitual way of speaking, simply a part of the actor, and not put on. To do this, the actor must retrain the muscles (lips and tongue) that have become accustomed to the actor’s native speech.

In Teach Yourself Accents—North America (Limelight Editions, Sept. 2013, $19.99), Robert Blumenfeld helps actors slip into any North American accent with ease by teaching general positioning, rhythm, pitch, and phonetics. Each accent is given special care, with explanations of its unique features and variations, as well as monologues that include dialects from the region. The book also includes a CD with extensive practice exercises.

Accents covered are Midwestern, Southern, African-American Vernacular English, Caribbean Islands, Hispanic, Canadian, and specific urban accents from New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, and New York.

This is the second volume of the Teach Yourself Accents series by Robert Blumenfeld, a professional actor and audiobook narrator. This series will help anyone beginning a study of accents to get a rapid handle on the subject and use any accent immediately, with an authentic sound. More experienced actors who need an authoritative quick guide for an audition or for role preparation will find it equally useful, as will speakers who want to improve a specific accent or liven up a presentation with an apt anecdote. Train your ears to hear and your vocal muscles to respond, and you can do any accent!

Robert Blumenfeld is an actor, dialect coach, and writer. He is the author of nine Limelight books, including Accents: A Manual for Actors and Acting with the Voice. He has recorded more than 350 audiobooks and has acted in numerous regional and Off-Broadway theater productions. He lives in New York City and is available for interview.

Sept. 17, 2013
Paperback w/ CD
x 9
152 pages
Limelight Editions, an imprint of Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group


Accents 00109568Also available: Teach Yourself Accents—The British Isles




Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group, the trade book division of Hal Leonard Corporations, publishes books on the performing arts under the imprints Hal Leonard Books, Backbeat Books, Amadeus Press, and Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.

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