Win The Beach Boys FAQ!

Time for some Beach Boys trivia. We’re giving away one free copy of The Beach Boys FAQ by Jon Stebbins to the first person who posts all five correct answers to our questions. Don’t forget to leave an email address so we can contact you if you win!

1. Who originally suggested the band change its name from the Pendletones to the Beach Boys?

2. Side Two of Holland’s opens with Carl Wilson’s track, “The Trader” and a voice that says “Hi.” Whose voice is it?

3. Who was Brian Wilson’s first wife?

4. Which member of the band drowned in December 1983?

5. Who was the oldest Wilson brother?



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  1. 1.Russ Regan
    2. Carnie Wilson
    3.Marilyn Rovell
    4. Dennis C. Wilson
    5. Brian is the oldest

  2. 1. Russ Regan changed the name without the band’s permission (Hite and Donna Morgan, the publishers who got the Beach Boys their first recording, weren’t too fond of the name The Pendletones either)
    2. Jonah Wilson (Carl’s son)
    3. Marilyn Rovell
    4. Dennis Wilson
    5. Brian Wilson

  3. 1.Russ Regan
    2. Carl’s Son
    3.Marilyn Rovell
    4. Dennis
    5. Brian

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