The Great Jazz Guitarists

The Great Jazz Guitarists

The Ultimate Guide
by Scott Yanow

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MONTCLAIR, NJ—The guitar has an intriguing history in jazz that spawned an assortment of colorful personalities. Its battle with the banjo for supremacy, the development and grudging acceptance of the electric guitar, its use in fusion of the 1970s, and the countless number of approaches that have been created since that time make this a story worth telling.

The prolific Scott Yanow has outdone even himself with The Great Jazz Guitarists: The Ultimate Guide (Backbeat Books, April 2013, $24.99), the most comprehensive guide to jazz guitarists ever published. Arranged in encyclopedic fashion, this is the final stop on anyone’s tour of six-string wizards working the swinging side of the street.

The book contains profiles on more than 560 guitarists, highlighting 342 of them as the most significant jazz guitarists, 218 runners-up, and 175 up-and-comers who could emerge into the upper ranks in the near future. These profiles include guitarists’ backgrounds, quotes from the 154 interviews Yanow conducted, and recommended albums. There are also chapters on people who were famous for skills other than their jazz guitar playing, jazz guitarists on film, and suggestions for further reading. Finally, sure to spark debate among the jazz community, Yanow has listed his top 30 jazz guitar giants.

From Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian to Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, and even Les Paul to Jeff Beck and beyond (not to mention Wes and Barney and everyone in between), The Great Jazz Guitarists hits every note, never sharp or flat, and always with the combination of edge, sensitivity and awe-inspiring depth of knowledge that has made author Yanow one of the most widely read and respected critics and historians in jazz history.

Scott Yanow (Burbank, CA) has been writing about jazz of all eras and styles since 1975. He has written for virtually all of the significant jazz magazines, including Downbeat, Jazz Times, Jazziz, Coda, Cadence, and the Los Angeles Jazz Scene, as well as being a major contributor to the All Music Guide to Jazz. In addition, he has penned over 600 liner notes. It is estimated that Yanow has reviewed more jazz CDs than anyone in history. The Great Jazz Guitarists is his eleventh book. He is available for interview.

Other books by Scott Yanow include Trumpet Kings, The Jazz Singers, Jazz on Film, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Bebop, and Swing: The Best Musicians and Recordings.

April 2, 2013
6″ x 9″
304 pages
B&W photos throughout
Backbeat Books, an imprint of Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group

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Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group, the trade book division of Hal Leonard Corporations, publishes books on the performing arts under the imprints Hal Leonard Books, Backbeat Books, Amadeus Press, and Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.

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