5 Reasons to Remember Creatures of the Night


Guest Blogger: Dale Sherman, author or KISS FAQ (Sept. 2012, Backbeat Books). The following is an excerpt from his blog. Please visit it to read the rest.


With the 40th anniversary of KISS right around the corner, the band has been rapidly approaching a lot of milestones.  More so, they’ve been making sure that fans remember those anniversay just as well; to the point where they were promoting the 35th anniversary of the Alive! album with a tour two years before it’s anniversary.  (Ah, but my biography about them, Black Diamond,came out in a revised “tenth anniversary” edition twelve years after the first edition, so who am I to nitpick?)

We just saw the 35th anniversary of Love Gun (released in June 1977), and it too got a bit of a push by the band and fans.  Still, there’s one rapidly approaching that probably will get glossed over and that’s the 30th anniversary of Creatures of the Night being released (October 1982).

Yet, there are so many milestones associated with this album that they really do need to give it some love in the coming months.  With this album we saw:

1)  The final album of the band in their makeup personas before dumping them with the Lick It Up album in 1983.

2)  The first album where fans REALLY knew something was wrong.

3)  The first album to have a really, really screwy front cover.

4)  The first album with Vinnie.

5)  The turn of the band back up from the bottom began here.

Dale goes into more detail about each of these points over on his blog, so please visit dalesherman.blogspot.com to keep reading.

KISS FAQ by Dale Sherman showcases the good, bad, and the weird that has made KISS the legendary ultimate rock-and-roll party band, still going strong after 40 years. Accompanying this entertaining work of solid rock scholarship are dozens of rare images – from posters to live shots and beyond. Also included is a foreword by Bill Starkey, the creator of the original KISS Army.



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