Chili Peppers Follow The Music 3.0 Strategy

Bobby Owsinski

Guest Blogger:
Bobby Owsinski, author of Music 3.0 (Hal Leonard Books). The following is from the author’s blog.

Anyone who’s either read my Music 3.0 Internet Music Guidebook or has been reading my blog for a while know that I’ve advocated a new release schedule where there are more single releases on a timely basis instead of waiting until 10 songs are finished then releasing an album.

There are 3 reasons for using this strategy:

1. We now live in a singles world. The majority of people, especially those under 35, now consume their music a song at a time. That’s how they like it, so there’s no use fighting it.

2. Releasing 10 singles actually gives you 11 events to promote, not just one. You can promote each single as a separate event, then put them all together for an album release, which is the 11th. Which do you think gets the artist more exposure?

3. And maybe even more importantly, releasing just a single focuses the fan’s attention on just one song at a time, instead of picking out only 1 or 2 from an album and listening to just those (which is what usually happens).

Now The Red Hot Chili Peppers are taking a page from the Music 3.0 notebook and releasing a song a month for the next 9 months beginning on August 14….

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A clip of Chad Smith (Chili Peppers drummer) at the Hal Leonard booth at NAMM:

Music 3.0, 2nd Edition by Bobby Owsinski

Music 3.0: A Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age is a completely updated edition of the original best seller, featuring the latest music business and social media concepts as well as brand-new interviews with a variety of the industry’s top movers and shakers.



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