Three Stooges FAQ (excerpt)

This entertaining and informative study of the Three Stooges, available now in honor of the act’s 75th anniversary, focuses on the nearly 190 two-reel short comedies the boys made at Columbia Pictures during the years 1934-59. Violent slapstick? Of course, but these comic gems are also peerlessly crafted and enthusiastically played by vaudeville veterans Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, and Joe – arguably the most popular and long-lived screen comics ever produced by Hollywood.

Available now from Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

An excerpt:

In 1934, at the beginning of the Stooges’ tenure at Columbia—and for one film only—executives were not completely sure of how to showcase them. As we’ve seen, Columbia was a “minor major” that hadn’t the resources to make use of the boys’ talents in the MGM manner. But Columbia had established a “Musical Novelty” shorts series in 1933, and had the services of a vivacious blonde starlet named Marjorie White.

A Canadian native who stood just 4’10”, White had energy and screen presence to spare. (She also had a wisecracking, New York-style attitude that belied her Canadian origins.) During 1929–31, she’d been under contract to Fox Film Corporation, appearing in nine pictures. White sang and danced, and knew her way around a page of dialogue. She’d had leads and second leads in comedies and musicals at Fox, and found similar success later in pictures for First National, Universal, Paramount, and RKO.

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David J. Hogan has written about film since 1973. He has contributed essays to numerous multiauthor books and is a prolific magazine reviewer. A onetime entertainment journalist formerly based in L.A., Hogan has worked on the editorial side of Chicago book publishing for more than 25 years, conceiving, editing, and co-writing books on history, aviation, vintage cars, popular music, the military, politics, television, and yes, movies. He lives with his family in Arlington Heights, Illinois.



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